This little man loves to dance. He definitely didn't get it from me, I turn into the world's most awkward person the second someone mentions dancing. But this dudes got moves. 

A while ago I wrote that I was nervous Beckett was showing signs of being ready to go from two naps to one. I'm glad I went with my gut and pushed through because it was just a phase; he is still doing two naps a day and it's going great. I read a poll that asked moms at what age their kids dropped to one nap. The majority said 14 months. When asked what age they think their child was actually ready looking back, the majority said 18 months. Beckett will be 17 months this week and he isn't showing any signs of being ready to drop a nap yet, so I'm guessing he will make it to 18 months, if not longer. 

All of the sudden Beckett has a mouth full of teeth. It's like 3-4 came through all at once out of nowhere. I'm beginning to think that when he was "sick" last week, it was actually just a really rough round of teething because all he had was a fever and no energy. I feel bad that teething is so hard on him, but hopefully next time I will recognize that that's what it is.