Forgotten Milestones

My husband has been out of town for the last two weeks and I managed to keep myself and my two kiddos alive and well! We missed him like crazy though. Beckett always looks forward to the nightly Skype calls, but it isn't the same as having him here. Today I actually showered, worked out, and took a nap all in the same day. Three things that didn't happen while Mark was gone... wait, I definitely showered sometime during that 2 weeks. It's all a bit foggy still.

My boys have hit some big milestones lately. Not the kind of milestones you usually think of like crawling and walking though. These milestones are not really talked about much, but they are definitely just as important as the "big" ones:

-Beckett has started pumping his legs on the swing. This is almost as exciting as being potty trained.
-Nolan doesn't need his diaper changed during the night anymore. This means I only have to be 50% awake to feed him in the night. Sometimes I wake up and can't even remember how many times I got up with him.
-If you have babies the are barfy spit up machines like mine, then the day you can put the burp rags in storage is definitely one to celebrate! I think my clothes have been spit up free for at least a month now! Dirty laundry just decreased by 40% around here.
-We haven't had a real Christmas tree for a few years now. We always buy a Charlie Brown tree to put on a shelf up high where Beckett can't get to it, but this year he is old enough. Although Nolan might be crawling by Christmas, we're going to give it a shot and have a big tree! Then we'll have to go back to a little tree next year I'm sure, so maybe this doesn't count as a "milestone".
-Nolan is feeding himself and eating something other than baby food! He has two little teeth and his gag reflex is no longer so stinking sensitive. I'm still really cautious, but so far I have give him whole strawberries and orange slices. He eats rice by the handful. Tomorrow I'm attempting peas and carrots. This is so much more fun than mush!

I have a wonderful coworker that gave Beckett this awesome car because her daughter had grown out of it. I would have died for a Power Wheel when I was a kid. Now I get to live vicariously through my kids. The thing is a beast. It is much faster than I expected, but Beckett does a pretty good job of driving it around.... except for the time he hit my car. Or the time he tore through our bishops front lawn. Or the time that he left the cul-de-sac and drove out into the busy street. Haha! Those things really did happen, but the majority of the time he does great, especially for a three year old.