Christmas Pajamas

Beckett has refused to wear anything besides these Christmas pajamas since we bought them a week ago. I've washed them twice.... but as soon as they were clean he put them on again. He even refuses to take them off when we leave the house. The best compromise we've come up with is he has to put clothes on top of them so he at least looks socially acceptable. Lucky, his snow boots are big enough that he can put them on even with the reindeer footies. This might seem cute and funny, but it nearly caused a a serious bathroom problem at Temple Square tonight when we had to take off his gloves, coat, shirt, pants, and unzip the pajamas before he could use the bathroom. We were 2 seconds away from a disaster.

I know this is a major picture overload, especially because the pictures are quite similar, but the facial expressions in each one just kill me. I couldn't narrow them down. Nolan attacks Beckett for his candy cane half way through, and towards the end they each pull some pretty hilarious Scrooge faces.