It's only the beginning of December and we've already been to Temple Square, picked out our tree, bought and wrapped all the presents, ridden the Polar Express, seen Santa 3 times, and drank multiple gallons of hot chocolate. We are definitely in Christmas mode around here! 

Winter has always been my favorite season, but it's an entirely different season when you have little ones. Cozy mornings by the fireplace and weekends spent snowboarding suddenly turn into really long days being cooped up inside playing trains and watching too many episodes of Little Einsteins. We still bundle up and play outside, but it never lasts more than 30 or 40 minutes. I'm already missing our daily picnics and afternoons walking to the park. I'm sure our entertainment budget triples in the winter because we've got to get out of the house every day, but there aren't many places to go in the winter for free. We've spent a lot of time at the skating rink, bounce houses, swimming, and miniature golfing. 

The highlight of the cold weather so far has been taking Beckett skiing for the first time. We've been counting down the days until the resorts opened. Taking him to do my absolute favorite thing in the world was something I've been looking forward to since I was pregnant with him, but it was also incredibly exhausting. I spent a lot of time skiing backwards and with him between my legs. I didn't think I would need to get one, but before we go again I'm going to buy one of those ski training things that strap to his skis. He is such a little adrenaline junkie; all he wanted to do was go fast, but he doesn't even know how to turn yet and I would like to have some kind of control. We made it down the bunny hill 3 times, and the last time was one too many, but overall he rocked it for such a little guy!