Super Beckett

We've been on the go since Christmas Eve, but today we didn't go anywhere. We played with our new toys, tried to put the house back together from it's holiday hangover, and hung out in our comfies. Beckett's choice was his new Mario shirt and basketball shorts. One of his presents was a box full of basketball shorts and character shirts (something I swore I would never buy my kids). He hates wearing "crunchy" clothes, and wants to live in t-shirts and basketball shorts regardless of how chilly it is outside. 

Nolan started really crawling on Christmas day. Now he is unstoppable. My favorite thing is watching him chase Beckett and try to take his toys from him. Beckett isn't quite sure if it's funny or annoying. I've felt things get exceptionally easier since Nolan started scooting and crawling. He is happy playing on the floor with Beckett for long periods of time, and Beckett is more content now that he has a buddy to play with. My back and arms don't ache at the end of the day from rocking and bouncing a baby all day, and I can actually get a few minutes to myself to do some cleaning or even pee by myself (something I definitely took for granted a few years ago).