Christmas Break Chaos and Skiing with a Toddler

Before the break, I felt like it was going to be a few long weeks of boring days cooped up inside. I was definitely wrong. We had several fun adventures, but some disasters as well. We spent a lot of time going back and forth staying in Kamas. We went swimming, skiing, sledding, burned Christmas trees, and had my siblings stay over. The not-so-great moments included a root canal, Nolan's eye swelling up, driving to the pediatrician and pharmacy in a blizzard at 1:00 AM, skiing while on pain meds and falling asleep on the ski lift, and Beckett taking his first (of many, I'm sure) trip to the emergency room. He fell with a plastic blow dart gun in his mouth. Blood was everywhere and we weren't sure how bad it was so we took him in. After he fell asleep, they were able to see inside and luckily didn't have to put him under. He didn't need stitches, just soft foods and some Tylenol. We could have saved $150.00 by staying home, but it's better to be safe than sorry I suppose. Because we came home to take Nolan to the doctor, we missed out on the annual ginger bread blow up, but Beckett got to stay and help destroy them. Although we had some stressful moments, I'm so thankful we had so much family around to help. 

I took Beckett skiing for his second time; it went way better than the first. This time I was more prepared and had some tricks handy to make things a little easier. He spent the morning on the little conveyor belt thing that they use for ski school. I should have done that the first time, but I didn't realize it was available to the public. It helped him gain some confidence, and later in the day he rocked the bunny hill. I bought a harness that we'll try next time so I can keep the little speed demon under control. I'm going to carry his ski boots in my backpack, and let him wear snow boots until we get up to the lift. Walking in ski boots is so hard and he is exhausted by the time we get to the fun part, and if I end up carrying him then I'm exhausted. I've also started leaving our skis at the lodge before we park, and at the end of the day when we go back to the car. That way we don't have to carry them all around and I can just focus on walking with him, rather than trying to carry a toddler and two pairs of skis. Poor Beckett has to be the guinea pig. By the time Nolan is ready to ski, I'll know exactly what I'm doing!