Night Weaning

With Nolan nearing 11 months, I think it's finally time to begin night weaning. He still wakes up 3 times at night to eat. Because I want to stop nursing by the time he's 1, it's definitely time. When he woke up at 11:30 last night to eat, I let him cry instead of going in to feed him. It lasted about 10 minutes and he went back to sleep, slept through what would normally be the second time he wakes up, and didn't wake again until 4:30. I'm glad the first night went so well because it's given me some motivation to stick with it. I've been so nervous that I wouldn't be able to stop nursing at a year because he hasn't been the best with solids, but lately he's eating them like a champ. Sandwiches, ham, cheese, toast, rice, pasta, and all sorts of things that don't come in a baby food pouch! We had a pretty rough few days while his 4 top front teeth came through all at once, but now it's totally paid off because he has some little chompers!