Beckett Quotes and Squishy Baby Pictures

The day before Nolan hit his 9 month mark, he moved about 3 feet across the floor to get to his favorite toy in the world: the train table. It definitely wasn't a crawl, but the point is that he got there on his own. He also climbed out of the crib and fell onto the floor. It was my fault for not lowering the crib sooner, but I didn't realize he could pull himself up so easily. Ugh.... Beckett never made it out of his crib so I didn't see it coming, I felt awful! So although he isn't crawling yet, he's definitely wild and mobile! He has two bottom teeth, still takes 3 naps, wakes up twice a night, loves chewing on hoodie strings, likes to wave to people. 

Recent great quotes from Beckett:

Beckett: "Why don't you feel good?"
Me: "I think I'm sick, I feel like I'm going to throw up."
.....A few minutes goes by and I walk into the room holding Nolan....
Beckett: "No Mom! You're going to throw up on my little brother! Put him down!"

Beckett: "Mom, why does Jesus have such looong arms?"
Me: "I'm not sure what you mean, Jesus doesn't have long arms buddy."
Beckett: "Yes he does. That's how he reaches down and pulls us up to Heaven".

During a typical 3 year old tantrum, I told Beckett to go to his room until he was done crying......
Beckett: "That's not very nice of you! And you are not beautiful!" 

It sounds harsh, but I was trying so hard not to laugh!