Nolan- 6 Months Old

Nolan is a tank. He nurses like a champ, but doesn't handle solids as well as Beckett did at this age. He gags super easy, so we've mostly stuck to baby foods instead of Baby Led Weaning. He nurses when he first wakes up, after each of his 3 naps, and right before bed. It's a nice change from when he was nursing every 2 hours! I give him solids every night at dinner, and sometimes throughout the day if we aren't busy. Nolan loves to drink water from a cup, and his favorite thing in the world seems to be Otter Pops.

Sleeping at Night
It's true he isn't sleeping through the night yet..... I kind of feel like he won't until 1 year when I stop nursing. I don't mind though. He usually wakes up twice a night, eats, and goes right back to sleep. Beckett usually slept from 8 PM until 5 or 6 AM. He slept through the night, but he woke so stinking early it nearly killed me. Nolan wakes up at night, but he sleeps from 7-7, which I definitely prefer!

Nolan is down to three naps a day. Sometimes he'll do one 90 minute nap and two 45 minutes naps on lucky days, but usually it's just three 45 minute naps. I'm really looking forward to when he goes down two 2 naps because then we can stick to an actual schedule, and hopefully the naps will get longer. Right now I just make sure to keep him awake 2 hours between naps which generally results in 3 naps a day, but at all different times. Sometimes the stretch until bedtime is 3 hours which is pushing him a little, but it works ok.

Cry It Out
Some nights I lay him down wide awake and he puts himself to sleep no problem. Sometimes, I have to let him cry for a bit before he falls asleep. The nights that I hold him until he goes to sleep he wakes 3-4 times, but if I let him put himself to sleep he sleeps soooo much better. I hate to let him cry, but he is a much happier baby when he is well rested and can self soothe. I haven't done CIO for naps yet because I usually can lay him down drowsy and he rolls onto his side and goes right to sleep.

He can roll from his back to stomach, but hasn't done stomach to back yet. He can sit by himself for 1-2 minutes without falling down. He grabs at everything within arms reach and puts any object he can straight into his mouth.

We haven't been to his 6 month appointment yet, but he is wearing 12 month clothes, and even some 18 month clothes! I was so bummed that my boys were born in different seasons because I was afraid that I wouldn't have many hand me downs in the right season. But because Nolan is so big he can wear all of Beckett's old clothes.... it's great!

7:00 Wake up and eat
9:00 Nap
9:45 Wake up and eat
12:00 Nap
12:45 Wake up and eat
2:45 Nap
3:30 Wake up and eat
5:30 Solids for dinner
6:00 Bath
6:30 Nurse
6:45 Bedtime
10:00 Dream feed