3 Years Old and Sweet As Can Be

I thought that 18 months was my favorite age until Beckett turned 2. Then I thought that 2 was my favorite age, especially around 2.5. But now that we've reach 3, I can't imagine anything is going to top this. I've heard a lot of people say that they just dreaded 3 and that it was definitely the hardest, but so far it's been hilarious and fun. He's potty trained, feeds himself, can ride a bike, and is independent in so many ways. But he also still likes to be held, thinks it's cool to tell his friends I'm his mommy, and believes anything I tell him. He can talk well enough to communicate anything he needs to, but his vocabulary is still limited enough that sometimes he says things that are so funny we can't stop laughing. Beckett likes fart and burp jokes as much as any little boy, but I swear he is also the sweetest thing on earth. Every morning the first thing he does is look for his little brother, then he runs to him saying "Nowan!" and gives him a big hug. Although I really wish he would fall asleep on his own at night, I can't resist when he says, "Please don't go mommy, can you just lay by me for 2 more hours?" We're still learning about time. He wanted to buy a toy when he was with my Mom and she asked him if he had enough money in his space kid bank. He told her that he was saving it so he could buy me a birthday present. He melts my heart over and over again.