Tornados and Turning 30

The last few days have been pretty wild. A tornado touched down at my school on Thursday. We still had several kids in the building and had to move everyone into the gym to be safe. The kids were crying and scared, and there weren't enough adults to console them all. Although I knew everyone was safe and that the winds would pass quickly, I was surprisingly shook up by it all. My kiddos were far from the school, but I didn't like not knowing if they were ok. I have a broken window in my car, and it took me two hours to get from South Weber to Layton. The power was out, the traffic lights were out, and trees were down everywhere. Somehow the trees in our yard survived and we even had power, but the rest of Layton was a disaster. I've never seen anything like it. The park by our house has turned into a giant lake after all the rain. Beckett didn't hesitate breaking in his new boots by riding directly into the water. Several kids from the neighborhood took the opportunity to use it as a swimming pool; one kid was even fishing haha. 

Saturday I officially left my 20's behind and said hello to 30. My husband gave me a kayak because he rocks. I had no idea it had been hiding in our shed all week. Beckett gave me chapstick, and we had cream cheese cinnamon rolls in leu of cake. So much happened in my 20's: I graduated from college, got married, found a job I love, lived in 4 different apartments, bought our first house, and had two beautiful baby boys. I'm not sure what these next 10 years will bring, but I know it will be awesome because I'll be spending it with my crazy bunch of boys.