Binky Snip

This happened, and Beckett was not so happy about it. I snipped the end off of one binky. It's not really the end of the world yet because he has like 136 other binkies, but he was quite confused by snippy for some time before he found a regular bink. I just wanted to see what he would do, but I'm not ready to commit to full blown binky expulsion yet. I tried to put him to bed with Mr. Snippy and that lasted 5 minutes before I gave in. President's Day weekend is coming and that's also when Beckett will turn 18 months old. I'll have 6 days off of work and by the end of it there won't be any binkies in this house..... it's binky bootcamp week. Beckett usually goes right to bed without a peep, but without his binky it's going to be really really hard. I may cut a few more of them down between now and then, but I don't think that tactic is going to work. He wants his binky to go to sleep and that's all there is to it. Cold turkey may be the route we have to take. I feel like I'm ripping his babyhood from him and forcing him into childhood, but he's starting to talk more and more and the flapping binky jabber is more than I can handle. I also just feel that as hard as it's going to be, it will be even harder if I wait until he is 2. When the time comes I'm going to have Beckett help me throw them all away. We'll say goodbye and we won't turn back, but man I am dreading it.