Memory Jar

My favorite part of each day is the hour between dinner and Beckett's bed time. Dad is home from work, bath time is over, the kitchen is cleaned up, and the only thing left to do is have wrestling matches and tickle fights. Our only focus during that precious hour of the day is playing together and not worrying about anything else that is going on. We chase each other around the house; playful growls and scream laughs fill the rooms of our little home. Beckett squeals with excitement as Mark crawls after him across the living room, and he runs right into my arms. Sometimes I wish I could force those moments to happen in slow motion. If time slowed down, maybe I would be able to remember every detail forever. I don't want to forget the way Beckett does his wobbly run across the floor, the sound of his little voice jabbering away, the slobbery kisses, and the sweet look he gives his Dad when they are playing on the floor together. Pictures capture what these things look like, but not how they feel. They can't capture the feeling of his little arms hugging my neck, or my heart growing each time he says "mom". If only there was a way to keep one of these moments in a jar forever, to take out and remember when it feels like time is moving too fast. But there isn't, so I will do my best to remember to slow down sometimes. To take a deep breath and soak in every feeling about the moment we are in. To make sure that I am completely undistracted and giving my all to my son; loving, playing, teaching him, and learning from him. Maybe then, I will be able to keep some of those memories and everything about them in a little jar forever.