Sunny Saturday

Pretty much every Friday night without fail I ask the question, "So what are we going to do tomorrow?" My sweet husbands usually humors my need to have a plan, and my anxiety about not making the most of our weekends by planning something exciting with me. This week he asked if we could just wake up and then decide. Although I felt a little panicky inside, I put away all plans to make a plan and decided to see what the day would bring us. We spent the morning chasing model trains around the Union Station with Beckett. During his nap we rode the bike out to Antelope Island. I don't get to ride with Mark as much as I'd like to and I was excited to be able to to find a last minute babysitter. The sun was a bit deceiving and we should have dressed a little warmer, but the view was gorgeous. We had dinner at a quiet little restaurant sitting next to the fireplace. Beckett was probably the best he's been at a restaurant since he started walking and sitting in the same place for five minutes suddenly became an impossible task. Man, I just love Saturdays.