8 Month Summary

Beckett has his first two tiny bottom teeth! They are just barely poking through. His fussy teething period lasted a little over a week. I alternated infant tylenol and ibuprofen, but couldn't even tell if it was working. The thing that worked wonders was Orajel right on his gums. I tried to only do it right before he went to sleep. One time he had a freak out and I accidentally smeared it on his lip instead of his teeth. He wasn't able to keep a binky in for about ten minutes because his mouth went all crazy. Super sad and funny all at the same time. He didn't seem to love chewing on cold things, but preferred these foam letters and a rubber duck, both are toys made for the bathtub. 

Sleeping at Night
Beckett goes to bed between 7:15 and 7:30 and wakes up around 6:30. Now that he isn't teething he is back to waking 1-2 times a night to eat. 

He's officially down to 3 naps a day. Usually one 90 minute nap and two 45 minute naps. His first wake time of the day is 90 minutes, but after that he does really well staying awake for two hours. Before bed time he is awake 3-4 hours so he konks out quickly at bed time. 

I stopped giving him his reflux medicine while he was teething. I felt bad pumping him full of tylenol and ibuprofen already and didn't feel comfortable giving him another dose of something, even though he thinks the medicine is delicious and gets excited when I get the bottle out. The first few days went really well and I thought we might be done with the reflux medicine, but by day four he was a puke machine. Now that teething is over he is back on the medicine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will be done with it soon! 

Eating and BLW
I'm still doing a combination of pureed foods and Baby Led Weaning. I absolutely love it. BLW is starting to be easier because Beckett has begun spitting out pieces that are too big to swallow so I'm much more comfortable giving him a larger variety of foods. His newest favorite is oranges. He will suck all the juice out of an entire orange in one sitting and start screaming for more when it's all gone. BLW is so messy so sometimes it's hard to tell how much food he ate verses how much ended up in his lap and on the floor. This is gross but his diapers are a definite indicator that he is eating more and more! He nurses/takes a bottle 6-7 times a day. Once I'm done working for the summer I'm going to try slowly reducing how many times a day he nurses and replace 1-2 feedings with solids. I'm hoping that is a transition that will just come naturally. 

He has been in the same clothing size for over a month now! I feel like I can finally start buying new clothes rather than always going to Kid to Kid because he will be able to wear them longer than just a few weeks. I will always love Kid to Kid though. He is still wearing 18 month onsies and 9-12 month pants. This week he wore shorts for the first time and I couldn't get enough of those chunky legs! He is still in size four diapers and will be for some time. 

My heart melted this week when he started reaching for people. He pushes away from you when he wants to be put down and leans forward with his arms out when he wants to be held. Other new things include pincer grasp, getting up on all fours, standing up and holding on to furniture (just for a few seconds), turning his binky the right way, and sitting up for long periods of time to play with toys. Sitting up has been nice; he seems much more content to do that than when he had to always be laying down. I just stick a pillow behind him in case he falls over.