Baby Led Weaning Fail

I should have known Nolan wasn't going to do well with Baby Led Weaning. Anything I planned to do because it worked well with my first baby, hasn't worked well with Nolan, so I should have known better! These two keep my on my toes.... but at least I'm never bored! 

I tried the whole Baby Led Weaning approach with Nolan a few months ago.... this kiddo is a gagger. Beckett gagged a few times, but it helped him learn to swallow smaller bites and we moved on with life. He never even tasted baby food. Nolan has gagged/choked more than once to the point it makes him throw up. He even gags on baby food sometimes! So for several months now we have avoided anything that isn't smooth as can be. I just recently started giving him large pieces of fruit or vegetables to suck on. He isn't really eating them, but he gets some of the flavor and it definitely entertains him. Other than that we stick to baby food, smoothies, and yogurt. Letting Beckett feed himself a variety of food was much more fun, but at least there is hardly any mess to clean up when I spoon feed Nolan.