Mountain Biking Maniac

We hiked up Mueller Canyon with kids on our backs, a camera around my neck, and carrying Beckett's bike. We looked like pack mules, but it was worth it so Beckett could have the longest downhill ride of his life. Watching your three year old fly down a canyon trail next to a steep ledge is a combination of terrifying and impressive. He was cautious at first, but somewhere around half way down the canyon he became fearless. Mark jogged along side him, but Nolan and I couldn't keep up. 

Mueller Park Trail is quickly becoming one of our favorites. A mile or so up, the trail opens into a beautiful grove of trees with teepees made out of branches everywhere. The sunlight filtered in through the trees, the ground was covered in yellow leaves, and Beckett ran from teepee to teepee playing cowboys and indians. It was like something from a fairy tale.