8 Weeks- January 11

I know not many people care to read about morning sickness and  the every detail of my first trimester, but this is all new to me and I don't feel I can do much except to write about it. I have told my family and a few close friends, but because most people don't know it helps to write my thoughts out since I don't talk about them much. My blog just went from being about my dogs to being about my pregnancy. How exciting for everyone.

Mark and I told are family's a few days before Christmas.  We wrapped up a little binky and gave it to our parents. I don't know that anyone was as shocked as I was, but they were definitely surprised. Mark has several nieces and nephews, but on my side of the family this will be the first grandchild. And on my Dad's side of the family this will be the first great grandchild. I suppose it makes sense that I was the guinea pig child for my parents, and now I get to have the guinea pig grandbaby. It will all be one big adventure.

My first doctors appointment was this week. I was a little bummed Mark couldn't make it, but to see the little kidney bean on the ultra sound and to hear the extremely fast heart beat was very neat. The not-so-neat part was when they drew my blood and I passed out. I'm not kidding when I say I'm not very good with pain. Some women are very tough, but I can tell you right now I don't plan to try to do this thing natural. I'm scared just for the epidural! I try not to think too much about what having the baby will actually be like to avoid a panic attack. I'm hoping that with lots of prayers and a few classes when it gets closer I will be feeling prepared, brave, and ready.

My due date is August 18th. I've always thought that if I could time it I would avoid having a baby in the summer. I hate being hot and many parts of summer as it is, but being the size of a whale and trying to find clothes to wear is going to be a nightmare. I'm already planning on a daily leggings with moo moo combo. And finding a swimming suit is going to be hilarious. I may have to just lay in the yard under the sprinklers with my moo moo on when I want to cool off. If it were a prefect world this all would have happened 3 months earlier because I would have the summer off to be home with the baby and avoid taking maternity leave. Instead I'm due right when school is beginning which is when my job is the busiest and most stressful. The good part is I will have the time off work in the summer to make sure everything is ready at work and at home, and to relax when I need to.


Sam M said...

You could totally have the baby natural! I'm studying to become a doula and there are so many benefits, like if you do hypno birthing some mothers feel almost no pain, and if you have a doula your labor is likely to be hours shorter. I love the idea of you lying on the ground wearing a moo moo with sprinklers going. As much as I love moo moos, I'd probably just go for capris and a giant sports bra at that point.