Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

It's been a long few days. Wednesday while I was at work I started contracting every 7 minutes around 2:00. They were very consistent, rhythmic, and strong but not painful. I was told that when they were 5-7 minutes apart for 1-2 hours I should go to the hospital. I left work a little early and went home to continue timing them. Around 6:00 they were 6 minutes apart so I asked my parents to head to our house and Mark and I packed our bags and got last minute things ready. I prepped Beckett for waking up in the morning without us here and told him that he could come to the hospital to meet Nolan with Grandpa the next day. I was all emotional thinking that this would be the last time we put him to bed as an only child. 

At the hospital I was very disappointed to hear that I was dilated to a 3 because the previous morning at my doctor's appointment I was also at a 3. With all those contractions I thought I would at least be at a 4. They gave me the option to go home or walk the hospital for an hour and check again. I was walking! We walked from 11:00 to midnight without any success. My contractions were 3-6 minutes apart and getting stronger, but I was still at a 3. They sent me home and I did my best not to burst into tears. 

I had some contractions through the night, but by the morning they were gone. My parents stayed the entire day just in case. I was super hopeful, but nothing happened. Here I am 3 days later, no baby, and grouchy as ever. I feel like I have nothing to do but sit and wait. We've been to the aquarium, dinosaur museum, Mark took Beckett swimming, my house is spotless, all the baby stuff is ready to go.... I'm out of things to do!

I was going to schedule an induction for 3 days after my due date just to be safe, but after that experience I called and scheduled it for Monday morning (my due date). I feel like my body is progressing, very slowly, but making some progress so it may just need a little help to get started. I really hope I go into labor on my own before then, but it isn't looking likely. 

Something I've been wanting to do, and now have all the time in the world to do it, is make a chore chart for Beckett. I found an awesome free printable here for a preschool chore chart with pictures. I had it laminated and then bought some of those velcro dots so that everything is reusable. I had a weekly allowance growing up and it really helped me learn to manage money. Although Beckett is a little young for that, he's starting to understand the concept of money and the fact that if he has his own he can play arcade games. Each day when his chores are done he'll get a dime to add to his astronaut kid bank. Right now his chores include: get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, and clean his room. Every day is usually a full on fight to get his hair combed. Not today though thanks to the chore chart! As he gets older I'll add more jobs, but for now I think it's a great start for a 2 year old.