To Baby Beckett

Baby Beckett.... in just a few more days you will not be Baby Beckett anymore. You are about to become a big brother. Our family of three is about to be four. This is going to be hard for you sometimes, especially at first, but it is also going to be very special and crazy fun. I already know you are going to be the sweetest and best big brother little Nolan could hope for. You amaze me every day with your kindness to others, how sensitive you are, and of course your silliness. I'm sure you will teach Nolan to be a little jokester just like you, but also how to be caring, kind, and to enjoy every second of life. He is going to look up to you every day and will want to follow in your footsteps everywhere you go.

I didn't know my heart could hold so much love until the day you were born. Just when I think it can't hold anymore, you jump into my arms and I feel my heart grow even more. There may not be as much time for just you and I anymore, but there is plenty of room in my heart for both of you. You've taught me how to be a mom and how to love unconditionally. Every day I learn something new from you, and pray that I am doing everything I can to teach you. Together we will figure out how to adjust to having a new little guy in our family. Many things will be different, some will be harder, but even more will be better. This is going to be our biggest adventure together yet, and I can't wait.