9 Weeks- January 13

Baby is now the size of a grape. For some reason I had it in my mind that around 20 weeks is when I will start to show. Just like everything else this seems so far away and like something I don't need to worry about yet. Yesterday I was scouring the internet for helpful blogs and websites about being pregnant (this is how I spend the majority of my free time now) and I realized that many people begin showing at 12 weeks. 12 weeks! This is only 3 weeks away. I'm going to have to go moo moo shopping much sooner than I realized. When getting a giant belly was still a few months away it seemed like something exciting to look forward to. Now that there is a possibility that it's just around the corner I am very nervous. Perhaps I am scared because this will make it real. Even after hearing the heart beat, I'm not sure it's really hit me that this is really happening yet. I'm also nervous about finding clothes, Dolly Parton sized boobs, stretching out my current clothes because I'm too cheap to buy maternity clothes, perfecting the duck waddle, and getting up from my chair at work without grunting. I know it will come gradually and slowly, but I have a fear that day one of my twelfth week I will wake up and it will have happened all at once over night. Even if I don't have time to go shopping before then, I do have a few pairs of leggings and over sized t-shirts on hand just in case.



B said...

The key to avoiding the duck waddle is to be sure that when you walk it is in a straight line, one foot in front of the other ------- as opposed to having your feet walk in their own separate lines _-_-_-_-