11 Weeks

I'm interrupting my posts from the past with a current update. Everyone has been very excited for us and supportive since the news is out we're going to have a baby. Sometimes I feel like other people are more excited than me or have more faith that I'm going to make a great Mom than I do though. I just purchased 900 books on Amazon last night about pregnancy and newborns. I'm going to read them with the intention of my not letting myself get overwhelmed. I just want to see what each one is all about and then I can decide for myself how I am going to do it. After being a nanny for several years, being the oldest of four, and working in two elementary schools there are many decisions I've already made about how I am going to raise my kids. I know it's probably easier said than done, but I feel fairly comfortable with school-age kids. The newborn stage is where I'm not so confident. Hopefully these books will give me some guidance!

On a side note.....

I'm sure my list of pregnancy pet peeves will grow along with my stomach (you know how I love to make pet peeve lists), but so far I just have one. I do not like when people say "baby bump". Hearing the phrase makes me feel the same way the words "puberty" and "menstrual" made me feel when I was 12... uncomfortable and slightly queasy. And just a heads up, I already know I will karate chop anyone that tries to touch my ever growing stomach when I get to that point so just don't even think about it.


Diana said...

Based on your last paragraph, I believe we are kindred spirits. I have NEVER understood why people feel like just because you are pregnant your personal space no longer exists. Plus, it's just awkward to sit there with someone else's hands on your belly!