Spring Is Coming- 37 Weeks

It's beginning to feel a bit like spring which is doing wonders for my mood. I actually have the motivation to do more than eat hot cheesy dishes and watch TV. Beckett is pretty happy about it too..... except for when he had a 30 minute melt down the other day because I wouldn't let him play in the sprinklers. I don't even know how he remembers doing that last summer. I think having a baby come at the beginning of spring is going to be perfect because RSV season is ending, and we'll be able to go outside a lot. Beckett isn't used to staying around the house too much so being able to go on walks and play in the yard while we figure out our new schedule and life with a baby will be nice. 

Over the weekend I really thought that a trip to the hospital was near. I was having so many cramps and pains that felt just like the night before I went into labor with Beckett. When i woke up the next morning feeling fine, I was so disappointed. I'm surprised that I didn't even get nervous when I thought that it might be happening, I just felt excited and ready. I know I still probably have at least 2 weeks so I need to just relax, but I am tired of being so uncomfortable and I'm definitely over needing to pee every 10 minutes.