Not Ready for One Nap

I'm starting to think Beckett is getting ready to go from two naps a day down to one. I'm not really excited about this. I love when he is awake and we get to spend time together, I also love when he is asleep and I get some down time, even if "down time" means putting laundry away. Also, it sounds like the transition from two naps to one is kind of tricky at the beginning. The average time to transition is 18 months and I was really hoping to wait until then. I've been researching when and how to do it, and it sounds like a lot of people make the change too early. Their babies show signs of wanting to skip a nap for a few days, and they make the change too soon resulting in a cranky and overtired kiddo due to do a sleep deficit (read more about that here). Babies go through sleep regressions, teething, and wonder weeks which can affect their sleep. Just because they are showing signs of being ready for a few days, doesn't mean that they really are. The last few days Beckett has been taking 30-40 minutes to fall asleep, which isn't like him. I'm going to give it another week before I make any decisions to see if it's just a phase.

Beckett's little personality really came out over Thanksgiving. He is starting to tease, tickle, run away, and do whatever he can to make everyone laugh. He laughs at everything, and getting a smile out of him is never hard to do. He suddenly started understanding a lot of things we say to him. The first time I said, "go put your binky in your crib so you can have breakfast"and he did it, Mark and I just stared at him in disbelief. It's so fun to watch him understand what we're saying and follow simple directions. Although there is a lot of grunting and pointing, I can usually understand what he is telling me too. Right now he can say mom, dad, dog ( pronounced "adoooo!"), hi, and no. I have a feeling that he is really going to start talking a lot over the next month or two!