Beckett loves is tricycle. It's the first thing that I think he really has a strong opinion about and knows that it's one of his favorites. When we go outside he wants to head straight for the garage where we keep the bike. When it's time to come inside..... oh boy.... cover your ears. It's a major meltdown every time. He loves to push it around, and if the wheel is turned he just goes in circles. He could do that for hours. I don't have to move an inch. It's great! His tiny legs don't reach the pedals yet, but if I push him around he wiggles the hand bars and thinks he one of the big kids in the neighborhood. 

Because I always let him feed himself, Beckett hasn't eaten off of a spoon or fork very often. Even when we're out, I usually give him those fruit pouches you just suck on. But lately he has been showing a lot of interest in forks and spoons. I was completely surprised when he started putting food onto it with his hand and then trying to feed himself. The first time he got a peach to stay on the fork, he got this huge grin and a sigh of relief. My heart melted. Now I often load the spoon for him and then hand it to him so he can feed himself with it. It's so fun to watch him try to do the things he sees us doing. 

Today is August 1st which means it's the beginning of many new things. It's the first month I go back to work. It's the first month I will be working part-time since I was in high school. With the help of and Dave Ramsey, it's the first month of our new (stricter) budget. It's the beginning of a new insurance plan. It's the beginning of me attempting to be somewhat home-makery. Time is money and the days of paying someone to do our grocery shopping and buying foods based on convenience instead of price are over. I have more time and less money now, so I'm trying to learn to make a lot more of the things I used to buy: bread, house cleaners, jelly..... clothes? Ok not clothes. I'm not that good yet. I would have to send Mark to work in overalls and Becket and I would be wearing pillow cases.