The Destruction of Beckett

I think I underestimated just what people were saying when they told me he would be into everything once he started crawling. I didn't realize that literally meant EVERYTHING. These are a few pictures I took when he was into stuff and I knew he wasn't going to brake anything/hurt himself. I couldn't take any pictures for the real photo-worthy moments. Like the never ending battle with pulling my house plants to pieces, or the time he was playing with the shampoo bottles and flipped into the bathtub. Or how he naturally gravitates to any area that happens to have power cords. The latest favorite discovery is not only unspooling the toilet paper in a flash, but eating it too. This morning he successfully swallowed a pebble at the park. Yesterday he ate something he found on the floor in my kitchen and refused to let me in to see what it was; I am praying it was food. He ate a handful of mud at the river the other day. Also praying that he doesn't have giardia. Yesterday he found the cous cous flings very far across the kitchen. I found out that it is impossible to sweep up, and even harder to clean after it's been stepped on. Everything is a hat. Diaper changes require screaming bloody murder because I am obviously torturing him. His little boy parts have been discovered and he does not want to leave them alone. All food must be thrown onto the floor once it has been decided he is done..... except the sippy cup. That can be thrown on the floor multiple times even though he will want more any second. Every cupboard and drawer within reach must be opened, and if there is a child lock on it then repeated shaking and slamming will suffice. 

Oh my goodness it's crazy as can be (actually I think it can be crazier once he is walking!). Cooking dinner is a nearly impossible task unless Mark is home. My house gets torn apart in .02 seconds. I never knew one kid could make such a mess! I absolutely love having a little boy though. I just need to stay one step ahead and baby proof a little faster. This week's task is to secure all the big furniture to the wall, because I think we have a climber!