Christmas Photo Shoot with My Toddler and His Friends

If we're friends on Facebook then you've probably already seen these pictures, but they were so much fun I wanted to make sure they were documented on my blog. I woke up the other day with no plans, no husband, and no car for the entire day. Rather than just dreading the boredom we were about to endure, or pretend like I wanted to use the day to clean my house, I decided some Christmas pictures would be fun. When we invited over our friends and they all said yes, the pressure was on. I suddenly realized I had no idea what I was doing because I don't do indoor pictures and I don't have the right equipment; I started to stress. I can see a few mistakes that I made, but for my first time and throwing it together last minute I'm super happy with the turnout! I know I'm kind of lame for not doing Christmas cards, but I try to keep Christmas fairly simple and stress-free. I will probably make a digital Christmas card to send out though because these are too fun. 

Beckett looks so big in these pictures. I had to change the name of the blog from "Baby Beckett" to "Mr. B" because I realized he isn't a baby anymore! So now my posts are tagged with "toddler" rather than "baby"; it's exciting and sad all at the same time. That first year passes so darn fast that it's not even worth stressing about constant spit up or how many times they wake up at night. I cherished every minute I had with my snuggly little baby, but I'm loving the stage he is in right now. It's busier, messier, but more fun. We have a mischevious little trickster on our hands and I wouldn't have it any other way.