I look like a goon in this picture, but Beckett's smile is just melting my heart! He smiles just like his Dad. 

Ugh I was so wrong about my clever time change trick in my last post for getting back on track quickly. This time change is a beast! I've been up since 5:30. And to top it off, Beckett refused to take an afternoon nap which has never happened! I think he is a little too young to start going down to one nap a day. I'm guessing that the time change, combined with a growth spurt or long overdue teething could be the cause. 

It's kind of odd how excited I am about our new smoothie plan. I've been trying to figure out how to get Beckett to eat more vegetables, get more iron, and drink more milk. He does ok with veggies, but like all of us, he could use a little more. His doctor said his iron levels are just a little low. It's normal for babies because they don't eat a lot of things that have iron in them like leafy greens and red meat. Because he doesn't drink cow's milk, I've been giving him lots of yogurt and cheese, but it doesn't seem enough. I think drinking coconut or almond milk would help him get the calories and calcium he needs, but he doesn't love it. So I came up with a smoothie plan. Each day after his afternoon nap I've started making him a super healthy smoothie that solves all of those problems in one drink, and he loves it!

-Greek yogurt. High in calories, calcium, and doesn't hurt his tummy.
-Coconut and/or almond milk. High in calories and calcium.
-Frozen berries. This kid eats plenty of fruit, but adding a little bit more won't hurt. 
-Spinach. Getting more vegetables and iron!

He is like his mom: a smoothie monster. For the life of me I can't get myself to add spinach to my own smoothies though, even though I want to! I'm just struggling with slimy green part. Beckett's newest thing is to "share" his food with us so I'm sure I'll have an opportunity soon enough.