Time Change

I hear some cheers for daylight savings, but I dread it. You may get one day of an extra hour of sleep,  but is it really worth losing that hour of daylight all winter long? Also, for people with kids on a fairly consistent schedule, daylight savings can be a real big pain! Beckett wakes up each day at 6:30 almost like clockwork. The thought of waking up at 5:30 for several days until he adjusts makes me want to cry, so I plan ahead a little. There are a few methods for adjusting babies to daylight savings. Some of them can be found here. You can do things like adjust their schedule by 15 minutes a few days before and after daylight savings until you're back on track, but I prefer cold turkey. Saturday night, bed time was an hour later than normal. My hope was he would sleep an extra hour in the morning, but he only did 30 minutes. The morning was a little long before his first nap, but I kept naps at their regular times. I'm confident that tonight he will sleep from 7:30-6:30 just like normal and it will only take us two days to adjust. Seriously, if anyone is passing a petition around to get rid of daylight savings I will gladly sign it!


Wendy said...

Technically, daylight saving time is the summer time and now we are on standard time. :)
But, I completely agree with you. Just leave the clock alone!

Jamie Walker said...

Well then I think it should be daylight savings all the time and never change haha. Just leave it alone!