Lazy Sundays

This week we got rid of so many baby things: the baby tub, bouncer, bumbo, and moved the exersaucer up a notch. Mark and Beckett also installed the baby gate at the top of our stairs. I can't believe I'm packing so many baby things away already.... his first birthday is sneaking up on me! 

Life doesn't get much better than it was this weekend. I put my to do list away and just enjoyed spending time with my boys. I successfully got Beckett to take a nap at church. He also took a three hour nap in the afternoon. Mark cooked us hamburgers over the fire for dinner and we had a picnic in the backyard. Beckett ate more watermelon than I knew was possible. I found a killer pair of $600 ski boots at a yard sale for $10. Beckett and I went on a lunch date together. My mini herb garden is thriving and ready for me to start putting to good use. The weather is absolutely perfect right now and I'm laying in the hammock with a tummy full of fresh fruit as I type this. I couldn't ask for anything more.