Beckett's First Camping Trip- The San Rafael Swell

We have taken Beckett on several trips to Southern Utah, but it's been so cold at night we have always stayed in a hotel. We were finally able to go on our first camping trip, and he was such a little trooper! I was mostly nervous about how sleeping in the tent would go. He woke up twice to eat both nights, but he slept great. I wanted to figure out a way to keep him warm, but not have to use thick sleeping bags or thick blankets. We folded a giant thick quilt up and stuffed it under the pack n' play to keep the cold air from going underneath him. He wore double pajamas, his sleep sack, a winter hat, and he was just toasty! He went to bed much earlier than anyone else, so I used the white noise app on my phone to drown out the noise from our rowdy card games. It worked great! 

Beckett loved playing in the dirt, tasting rocks, and hiking in the baby pack. He stuck his hands out to touch the walls of the canyon when we hiked through the narrows. We always end our trips to Southern Utah with a stop at Orange Peel. I put my smoothie in the grass and Beckett wanted it bad enough, but didn't want to lay down in the grass, that he actually crawled to get it! He hasn't done anything but scoot around since we've been home, but now I know he can crawl when he decides he wants to!