Baby in a Bucket

This weekend was simple, relaxing, and at many moments everything seemed just perfect. I did a little yard saling, bike riding, treat consuming, and we had some friends over for dinner around the fire pit. Beckett and I have been going for a bike ride almost every day. At first he seemed pretty unsure of the whole bike trailer concept, but the last two times I've buckled him he smiles and kicks his feet! 

I have decided there is one down side to Babywise. Beckett and I are so dependent on his great nap schedule that we both have a melt down without it. Without a Pack N' Play I'm not sure how to get him to take naps when we're away from home. He does great in the car so sometimes I will drive him around for a few minutes until he falls asleep and then let him sleep in his car seat. Today that plan didn't work though. Our church starts at 9:00, which also happens to be his nap time. I thought if we left a few minutes early he might fall asleep in the car and sleep through at least the first hour. The sound of a blaring organ and chatty people was too much and he woke up the second we walked in the building. He stayed awake for two more hours until Mark finally took him home to sleep in his crib. Rather than his usually 90 minute morning nap, he took at 20 minute nap because he was overtired. Because he was overtired, putting him to sleep for his second nap was a nightmare. Usually I hold him for a few minutes, give him a kiss, lay him down, he squirms for five minutes, and then goes to sleep. This time it took me 30 minutes of trying everything from feeding to rocking to finally singing before he stopped crying and went to sleep. His nap was short (again, overtired) and he woke up fussy. When his naps are long he wakes up cooing and smiling. This was all a very long way to say that I absolutely love what a great sleeper he is, but on the rare occasion that we can't stick to the routine, we both get stressed. Days like that are just a confirmation of how important a schedule is to keep him well rested and happy (and me sane). I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this 9:00 church issue, because I don't want to have another Sunday like that again! 

The time has come to start baby proofing. Beckett is an expert scooter now and into everything on all the bottom shelves. I had to take everything off the bottom of the changing table, and in the time it has taken me to write this post I have pulled him away from the book shelve three times. As I type he is currently scooting towards the computer and sucking on the side of the laptop screen. He is a monster. My baby gate arrived this week and it's time to install it at the top of the stairs! 


Mandy and Brian said...

The church thing was ROUGH for a long time. Ellie was the same way with naps at that age and to tell the truth I felt like I hardly ever went to church because she just needed a nap in her crib. She is more flexible with naps now so there is hope for the future! Not much advice for the present though, except to maybe not feel too bad if you just have to take him home.