Pre Crawling Thoughts

I don't remember ever feeling like having a baby is hard, but I'm realizing how much easier taking care of Beckett has become in the past few months compared to when he was just a tiny baby. It seems like several changes happened right around 6 months that made things a little simpler.
  • He doesn't act like he is going to starve to death the second he wakes up anymore. If I am busy or we are out doing something when he wakes up, it's ok to wait up to an hour before he needs to eat. He generally just wakes up happy and ready to party!
  • If it's nap time and we aren't home or at a good place for taking a nap yet, it's ok. It used to be 60-70 minutes and a major meltdown would ensue if nap time didn't take place immediately. Now he can go up to two hours (3 before going to sleep for the night) and stay awake no problem. 
  • I used to stress about him waking up while I was getting ready for work in the morning. I would need to feed him right away weather I needed to pee or not, and then try to  entertain him by singing endless rounds of Wheels on the Bus while doing my make up. I always showered at night in case he woke up early and showering at night always results in a bad hair day for me. Now he almost always wakes up around 6:30, after I have showered and blow dried my hair. On the rare occasion that he wakes up earlier he is happy as a clam playing with toys in his bedroom until I'm ready to feed him.
  • I used to do a load of laundry daily. Blowouts were just part of the daily routine. Now thanks to real food they only happen on rare occasions! 
  • I rarely have to lug that beast of a car seat around anymore! He can sit in a regular high chair at a restaurant and prefers to be in his stroller without it. 
  • If his binky falls out he can put it back in himself! 
After going through this list in my head, I began to realize that this is just the calm before the storm. I have a feeling 6-9 months is some heavenly phase where babies aren't mobile yet and just happy babbling smile machines. They haven't really developed an opinion of what they want and therefore don't get frustrated that they can't communicate. I have a feeling the when he starts crawling soon, things will become a lot more challenging! We haven't baby proofed our house, but I think it's time. He is going to be a wild little man and I'm so excited, but also realizing I need to cherish the immobile phase while I can.