Thoughts of the Day

I have several one liner thoughts that are in no way related. So here comes your bullet point thoughts of the day:
  • Being pregnant and having a baby does not make you fat. It's this dang breast feeding business! My appetite is out of control and I'm ashamed to say I'm eating like a man and loving it. I'm very nervous that when I'm done nursing I will continue my ravenous way of eating, but my metabolism will go back to normal. I am in trouble. 
  • I am crazy about Lara Bars. They are nothing but dates and one or two other ingredients like nuts and/or blueberries. It's incredible how simple and delicious they are. Summer project: make my own Lara Bars. 
  • I just received my first Groovebook. Best three bucks I've spent in a long time!
  • One of our favorite shade-making trees in our back yard blew over yesterday. I didn't know I could mourn for a tree, but I am. 
  • I'm starting to get stressed that Beckett isn't crawling. I know he will soon and it is not a big deal and all babies are different yada yada yada. But I keep seeing babies younger than him army crawling all over the place. I want him to crawl so bad, and at the same time I hope he never crawls. 
  • I'm so grateful that I'm over the stage of all my hair falling out. My bathroom was a disaster, my clothes were covered, the drain was clogged, and I was a nervous wreck that it would never end and I would lose all of my hair. Well it has ended and I'm so happy, but now it's growing back. It's all growing back at the same time which means I have dozens, if not hundreds of tiny 2 inch hairs standing up all over my head. I look like a Dr. Seuss character.
  • My Mom has little chicks and the picture below is Beckett petting them. He was so sweet and gentle with it. Seconds after this picture was taken the chick pooped on my Mom's hand. Then pet-the-chick time was over haha.