Yard Work

My parent's tried to teach me the importance of yard work from a young age. I devoured the grapes in the garden like candy. They put me in charge of the grape plants in hopes that I would find some pride and joy in the process. I just absolutely dreaded it and I whined and complained like the wimpiest of kids. I'm ashamed to say I'm pretty pathetic when it comes to manual labor.

I have been shying away from yard work ever since, but I'm suddenly realizing that I really enjoy it! I wish I wouldn't have been such wuss as a kid. It's everything I love about hiking, but in my own back yard: the smell of the earth, the sun beating down on me, fresh air, a good work out, getting dirty, and just being outside. I didn't help much at all with our yard last summer because I was prego as could be and so hot all the time the thought of going outside to do work made me want to throw up. And I did.

When we're working outside Beckett is as content as can be just sitting on his blanket playing with toys and looking at the trees. There's little white specs of cottony stuff floating all through the air. I couldn't capture it on my camera, but it falls all around Beckett and looks like something from a dream. I'm really excited to get our yard put together this year so that next year we can focus on starting a garden!