Pincer Grasp

I remember very distinctly having a conversation with Mark before we had Beckett about how annoying and gross it was when people posted pictures of their kids covered in food and thought it was cute. We did not understand and agreed we would never do it. I'm sure this is just the first of many things I promised I would never do that I will definitely do. 

I am so excited because tonight Beckett started doing the pincer grasp! Unless you read baby development articles for fun, you may not know what that is. It's when babies start to grab things with their pointer finger and thumb rather than their whole fist. I'm thrilled because this means feeding Beckett the same food that we're eating will become so much easier! I can just rip up little pieces of whatever we are having and he can go to town. Also tonight I noticed he was biting off huge pieces of strawberry, chewing them for a minute, and then spitting them out if they were too big to swallow. Eating dinner just became so much more fun! 

Beckett is getting very close to crawling. He can't get up on his knees himself, but if I put him there he will stay for a few seconds. He seems a little scared by it like he isn't quite sure how to get down from such a high place. 

It seemed like between 2 and 4 months he was changing and progressing daily. For the past few months it feels like the changes have been much slower and milestones further apart. Until this past week! He is sitting up and playing with toys for long periods of time, holding onto furniture and standing up, pincer grasp, crawl position, and his bottom teeth are just about ready to pop through!