13 Month Summary

With the excitement of Beckett's first birthday I forgot to write his 12 month summary. It's ok because not too much has changed for a few months now as far as eating and sleeping goes. While those things have stayed the same, he gets funnier, bigger, smarter, and more mischievous every day!

Sleeping is a piece of cake when it comes to knowing what to expect. Beckett typically takes two 90 minute naps and is awake for three hours at a time, and sleeps for 11ish hours at night.

He just started his third round of teething this week. He has his top and bottom front teeth, and now the next ones on the top are on their way. I feel like he is a very slow teether compared to some kids, it seems like it takes the teeth weeks before they actually come through.

Anyone that has ever babysat Beckett has always commented on what a good eater he is. The kid loves fruit and some vegetables. Now that he has four teeth he is really starting to chomp on stuff and I don't have to cut everything up for him as much. His favorites are blueberries, oranges, yogurt, graham crackers, shish kabobs, asparagus, corn on the cob, and rice pilaf. We haven't attempted any dairy products besides yogurt, cheese, and frozen yogurt so far. I think I will try cooking something with cream in it this month and see how he does with a little.

Oh.... my..... gosh......
I have learned to dread anything with the word "weaning" attached to it. Since 11 months I have only nursed Beckett at night now. He wakes up 1-2 times still and I know it's only because he knows I'll come in and feed him. I was cutting down the time and down to like two minutes. For a few days in a row I kept falling asleep and went right back to letting him decide when to be done! New plan: when this round of teething is over Mark is going to get up at night with him. I know it will be hard for him because Beckett will be so mad. I've been getting up with him for a year and can easily put him back to sleep. Mark will get up with him for like a week and he will be really grouchy. I'm honestly not sure who is getting the worst end of the deal.

Climbing, dipping food in ketchup, peekaboo, chasing each other, where his ears are, pointing, signing "all done" and "more", and the list continues. It seems like he is learning how to do something new every day!

Definitely NOT the Chick Fila cow. He was walking around when we went there for dinner last night. Beckett was a nervous wreck and wouldn't even eat his food because he was so busy watching the cow to make sure he kept his distance from us. I have only seen him scared one other time when a large dog barked right in his face. The cow came over and knelt down by us.... Beckett lost it!

Things he loves: airplanes, dogs, yogurt, getting chased by Dad up the stairs, Dad's football, slides, swings, pulling my earrings, pushing his stroller, 4-wheelers, brushing his teeth, and climbing on anything.

6:30 Wake up and breakfast
9:30-11:00 Nap
2:00-3:30 Nap
3:30 Snack
Dinner and bath
7:30 Bed

We usually go for a long walk in the mornings before his nap, run errands or go to lunch with friends between naps, and Mark plays with Beckett while I make dinner. One person gives Beckett a bath while the other person does the dishes. Then we have the evening to ourselves!