Welcome Home Sister Baldwin

This weekend was filled with a lot of excitement and anticipation waiting for my sister to come home from her mission. She got to meet Beckett for the first time and which totally made my heart melt and I cried of course. 

We also went to the aquarium. I took Beckett to the zoo a few months ago and he was too young to really be interested in anything. This time his eyes were lit up the entire time and it was so fun to watch him. 

I celebrated my 28th birthday on Wednesday. I thought I would dread birthdays the closer I got to 30, but it wasn't so bad. Mark gave me a filter for my camera I have been dreaming about for a while now, and Beckett brought me a gift card in the morning to Aldo for some much needed comfy flats. He already knows his way to a girl's heart. My coworkers decorated my desk with pink balloons and a crazy amount of candy. They know me and my sweet tooth so well! Some people thought the pink balloons were a baby announcement haha. It was a great birthday and a reminder of how blessed I am to be surrounded by such loving friends and family.