Spontaneous Photo Shoot with Mr. B

I always find nick names and the stories behind them so interesting. Sometimes there isn't a story at all and no one knows where the nickname even came from, it just started one day and caught on quickly. I always thought that we would shorten Beckett's name and call him "Beck" a lot. So far it hasn't happened much, but maybe it will as he gets older. Mark's side of the family calls Beckett "Mr. B" and it's just the cutest thing ever. I find myself saying "Beckster" a lot, and once in while things like Beck Man, Mr. Beckett, Beck Monster, Mr. Man, and Dude get thrown out. "Beckster" and "Mr. B" seem to be the two main nicknames for now though.

Every now and then I catch Mark in the right mood and can convince him to play photographer. At the farmer's market we passed this fun alley with old brick walls and I couldn't resist a 5 minute detour for a few pictures. I know, I know, you would think I had enough pictures already. Every picture we take, especially the ones that capture how fast Beckett is growing up and the fun personality he is developing, mean the world to me. I'll cherish them forever, and I just don't think I can take enough. Poor kid, I'm sure having a photographer for a Mom is not going to be one of his favorites.