The Reason I Blog

Blogging is a very raw, emotional, and therapeutic tool we have for sharing ourselves with the world. We get to take a tiny corner of the internet, call it ours, and do whatever we want with it. When you read someone's blog, you are getting a little glimpse into their personal life, some more than others. By choosing to blog, you are allowing yourself to be exposed to criticism and judgment. You are letting everyone you know, and sometimes complete strangers, in on what is going on inside your mind and the very personal and intimate details of your life. Even when I try to filter my emotions and remain fairly vague on a topic, I find that whatever is in my heart comes out in the tone of my writing. I don't feel like a blog is the right location for airing your dirty laundry and exposing all your darkest secrets, but it's also not a place that requires only the perfect moments of your life to be shared. It's a place to be yourself, the good and the bad. Share your happy moments, but don't be afraid to talk about the bad day you had and post the not-so-fancy picture of yourself without makeup on because...... it's your blog. It's your life. It's a representation of who you are.

I blog because it is therapeutic. It's an outlet. It's a place I can create, design, write deep thoughts, or just word vomit when I feel the need. It gives me a reason to take pictures and a place to share them. Blogging helps me to process what is going on in my mind. It challenges my ability to write down my thoughts and make sense of my feelings. It is a way to share with my family what have been up to. This blog will be a record of Beckett's life and our family's adventures together. It provides me with a support group that reads my crazy struggles and questions, and often has great answers and advice. It's something I do and share with other people, but I do it for myself. I do it for Beckett. I do it because I love it.