Getting My Hopes Up

I spoke too soon. After watching Beckett be uncomfortable and upset all day, and feeling like the world's worst Mom, it appears that dairy is something I'm going to need to avoid for a while longer. It seemed like he was doing well and I got excited and stocked up on yogurt and ice cream. Now they are just sitting my fridge mocking me. It's worth it to know that Beckett is healthy and happy though. 

Today we got very brave and I put Beckett in the little front carrier pack thing and took Murphy for a walk. He is a big strong horse and I've always been a little nervous that if he got too excited he would pull us right over. Then I remembered the days when I used to take him long boarding and I figured if I could handle that, I could handle him and a baby. Murph did great and it was so nice to feel the warm sun and get some fresh air.