Back to Real Life

My Christmas break is over and man, was it wonderful! We spent a lot of time with our families and a lot of time with Beckett. Sometimes I get down about working and being a mom and how it would all just be easier if I stayed home. After being home for two weeks I can see that isn't necessarily true. I'm still just as tired, if not more tired, at the end of the day. Stay at home moms and working moms both have very hard jobs. Sometimes it's easy to think the grass is always greener on the other side. Because I have long breaks and summers off, I'll get to visit both sides of the fence though. 

Tonight is Beckett's first night attempting to sleep without being swaddled. I don't think it will last more than a few hours, but I feel that it's a huge victory that I was even able to lay him down without a spaz out. 1 Mom Point for me please.