Lip Smackers

The chubbier he gets, the more fun bath time is. Today we stood on the scale and he weighs a whopping 12 pounds! That means he has almost doubled in size since he was born. No wonder he can only wear an outfit once or twice before it doesn't fit anymore. 

Last night I experimented with changing his bedtime and sleep schedule. I gained two hours of sleep, still only had to wake up twice to feed him, and he slept in until 9:00! It was heavenly. The adjusted schedule is going to match up with my work schedule much better too. I talk about his schedule a lot, but for me being organized is key to my sanity. The second he wakes up be starts smacking his lips because he knows the routine is sleeping and then eating. Besides crying, I feel like it's his first way of being able to communicate with me; "Hey lady! Don't forget that I'm hungry right now!" It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.