9 lbs 1 oz

Every day is a photo shoot at our house, I just can't help myself. Beck is almost holding up his own head! He has a lot more stability now and it doesn't feel like I'm going to break him when I pick him up. We went to the doctor today because he has been having some stomach problems. Note to self: do NOT eat hummus while breastfeeding. The good news is he weighs 9 lbs 1 oz! I have a feeling he is on the verge of getting really really chubby! He has outgrown some of his newborn pajamas already. I suppose I'm supposed to be sad, but I'm so excited! The bigger he gets, the closer we are to finally being able to see him smile. I absolutely can not wait for it. I try so hard every day, but I'll just have to take his sleep smiles for now and pretend they are meant for me. 

I still can't believe what a good baby he has been. I haven't had a rough night yet, and I'm grateful every day that he doesn't have colic (so far). He has been so awesome I'm even contemplating a camping trip in the near future.