Last night my baby slept in his crib, in his own room, away from me for the first time. That must be what it feels like to send your kids off to college. I was a little nervous, but I definitely slept better. He actually slept better too, about 30 minutes longer between each feeding than before. I'm really looking forward to when he sleeps through the night, but for now I can not complain. Some people have asked me about the method I'm using to get him on a good schedule. I read the book On Becoming Babywise while I was pregnant, but recently came across this blog and it has been so helpful! I highly suggest it to anyone that likes scheduling and having a plan like I do (and likes their sleep). 

I knew from day one that I wasn't going to get in the habit of letting him sleep in my bed at night, but I never said he couldn't do it in the mornings. Snuggling in the mornings and bath time at night are my two favorite parts of the day. He loves the bath and there's nothing cuter than a clean, naked baby. These pictures below crack me up because Beckett always uses his arm for a pillow when he's sleeping.