White Christmas

I failed to take very many pictures today, but we were just having so much fun I forgot! It's a shame though because it was a gorgeous morning, and there were some hilarious gifts given this year. Including Mark's Elf on the Shelf, complete with a beard, kilt, and everything necessary for competing in the Highland Games. My Mom is hilarious. 

This was probably the best Christmas I can remember since I was really little and everything was so magical. It hasn't snowed once this winter and we woke up to a white Christmas! Our Christmas Eve was spent having a very funny prank war with our neighbors. Let's just say it involved doorbell ditching, garbage can stealing, and a wreath made out of the string of diapers from the diaper genie. Probably the best way I can think to spend Christmas Eve; possibly the beginning of a new tradition. We continued our tradition of Carmel Apple Spice, and this year my breakfast actually turned out.... it was a Christmas miracle! Last year's overnight french toast made us want to die, but this year we did monkey bread. It turned out amazing and I think we will continue to make it every year. The only problem was I had to wake up at 4:30 to take it out of the fridge and there was zero chance of falling back asleep after that. Mark and I were awake and just counting down the minutes until Beckett woke up. 

Mark's tradition with my brothers of wrapping presents in cruel and crazy ways continued. It took Mark 20 minutes to unwrap his present that was in a box inside of a box full of dozens of boxes, each one individually wrapped, and many containing items that were stolen from our house. Alex's present was locked safely away in a box with a padlock. His gift was a bag full of 100 keys. Buahahaha. I recieved several things that I've been wanting for my photography, and we gave Mark some stuff for his motorcycle. Beckett got in on the unwrapping action this year and was so excited to play with his presents. The highlight was his Harley. The gas pedal is hard for him to push so he gets a little frustrated, but this summer he will be cruising around without a problem. After breakfast we rushed outside to play in the snow. It was Beckett's first time since he's been walking. Although he wasn't a fan of his puffy snow suit at first, he quickly realized how awesome playing in the snow is and was not happy when it was time to come inside. I have a feeling he is going to love playing in the snow as much as we do! 

It was our first Christmas without our puppy, Murphy. I didn't realize how much I was going to miss him until I pulled out his stocking and realized he wouldn't be there to get his favorite treats. I can only imagine that he is somewhere pouncing through mounds of snow and having the time of his life. 

Christmas with a kid is honestly 100 times more fun than Christmas as newlyweds. I love continuing old traditions, and starting news ones now that we have a little family. I am already looking forward to next year when Beckett can understand even more of what's going on. The way his eyes get big when he sees Christmas lights and his little old man dance when he hears Christmas music just melts my heart. It will be even more special than this year because Beckett will have a little baby sister to share the Christmas joy with. 

That last part was a joke. Sorry, I just had to get in one last Christmas prank!