Christmas Festivities

I'm not sure why, but it was really important to me that we took Beckett to see Santa this year. Obviously he is too little to know exactly what's going on, but he enjoyed seeing the lights, the water show, the music, and all the dogs that were also waiting in line to get their picture with Santa. We've also been to temple square, made gingerbread houses, and cooked several batches of our favorite Christmas treat to deliver to our neighbors. We have yet to go sledding or snowboarding, but I suppose we can do that after the holidays. I'm not sticking to my 5:00 am yoga routine very well, but it's hard when I'm not getting up to go to work. We have been running, to the trampoline gym, and playing at the park. Definitely not enough calorie burning to counteract the treats I have been eating, but it's better than nothing. Christmas is much more fun with a little one because it helps bring back some of the magic that you lose as you get older. I am so excited for Christmas morning to see Beckett's face when he finds his present I can hardly sleep.