6 Month Check Up

This picture of my Mom and Beckett just fills my heart to the brim. It's one of my very favorites because first of all, Beckett looks ridiculously chubby, but also because it reminds me of how lucky I am to have my Mom drive over an hour to my house once a week to watch him. I'm so happy both of our parents live close enough that Beckett will get to grow up spending time playing with and loving his grandparents. 

Today Beckett had his 6 month check up and shots. He only cried for a second which was quite relieving for me. I think all that extra padding on his thighs helped ease the pain! Beckett is 28 inches long, 20 pounds, and in the 90th percentile for weight and height. Go big man! I'm pretty sure we are on the brink of teething.... I'm a bit nervous, but hopefully with lots of cold toys, cucumber sticks, and minimal Tylenol, we will make it through not too sleep deprived. 

Spring is practically upon us and the past few days have even felt a bit like summer! We're spending more time outside and I might even wear sandals tomorrow. Day light savings is coming which I have very mixed feelings about. I absolutely love having more day light, but I'm dreading the effect it will have on Beckett's schedule. I've thought about making slow adjustments in 15 minute increments to his bed time and time he gets up in the morning, but I think we'll just wait until the time change and then just go for it. 

We've decided to sell one of our cars and downsize to a motorcycle. Mark is excited for obvious reasons, and I am excited because we will be saving some money. I feel like cars are just big money sucking black holes and I'm excited to just have one and a half cars to deal with. 

You can see in the picture below that Beckett has started enjoying hummus. He now loves too many foods to name, but he is definitely not a fan of green beans. 

This weekend we attempted swimming. It was slightly fun for the ten minutes that it lasted. I think the noise in an indoor pool is a little overwhelming for him, but then the two face splashes he received were too much. I'm thinking swimming this summer will go over a little better because he will be a little older and we can be outside. I have three more months of working and then we can go swimming every day!