Starting Solids Early

The past few weeks Beckett's really started grabbing at things and putting them in his mouth. It seems like just the past week or so that he is gaining some good control and really focusing on getting the objects to his mouth. Sometimes when he can't do it the way he wants to he just starts yelling because he is so mad! It's quite hilarious. 

Today we went to lunch with my family. Beckett was grabbing at everything, staring us down like a hawk while we ate, and begging for drips of water from a straw. My Dad fed him some tiny pieces of bread and you could just see how much he was loving it! When he started growling for water and getting mad when wasn't getting any, I realized that he is ready to start solids. I know the recommendation is 6 months these days, but he's obviously ready! I'm not too worried, because with the whole Baby Led Weaning approach he won't swallow much at the beginning anyway. 

Once Mark and I talked about it and decided that we would start solids earlier than six months, I decided to start today! I've been ridiculously excited for this. We broke out the high chair, steamed some carrots, and sliced up an apple. He didn't really swallow anything, but I was truly amazed at how well he did. His hand eye coordination is better than I expected, and he didn't seem too surprised by the different flavors. He didn't love the apple, but the carrot was great and afterwards he sucked the heck out of a strawberry for dessert.