Baby Led Weaning Review

I didn't plan on starting solids until 6 months, but we started at 5 and I'm so glad we did! The first few days I wasn't sure if the solid fruits and vegetables method was going to work, and I was tempted to try some baby food. I was nervous of him breaking off a big chunk of something and choking. We stuck with it a few more days and now I'm so happy we did! This is way more fun than baby food, and I'm learning what foods work the best. So far the only thing he doesn't like is cheese, which surprises me. He has had pears, cucumber, broccoli, sweet potato, apples, bananas, oranges, bell pepper, asparagus, and toast. Some things he just sucks on, but he can gum the mushier fruits and vegetables to break off little pieces. I was so excited when I changed his first diaper that indicated he has been eating real food! I started shouting, "Yay! It's your first real poo!" I really feel like he is going to be such a good little eater. I think he will like more fruits and vegetables than Mark and I put together since he is starting out with so many different flavors and textures. Maybe he can teach us to love them too!